Suicide Bunny is The Most Talked About for a Reason


Vaping is all the rage and no brand is more connected with what the diverse, fun, and energetic vaping community wants than Suicide Bunny. Their wide range of e-cig cartridge refill liquids offer everyone exactly what they are looking for in their e-liquids. So exactly, why is the Bunny the most talked about and best e juice on the market today? Let’s look at the products they offer and see why everyone is vaping with the Bunny.

First, they offer a wide variety of flavors that are different and interesting. Suicide Bunny mothers milk is there best-selling product and for good reason. The light and creamy dessert flavor is followed by a smooth and sweet strawberry exhale that leaves you feeling as happy as a bowl of your mom’s strawberries and cream from when you were growing up. It’s consistently voted as a fan favorite and once you try it you will understand why.

Of course, if you are looking for something a little wilder there is always The Sucker Punch which delivers a wild ride of intense dragon fruit mixed with the velvety smooth flavor of cream and finished off with a light fruity exhale.

If you are looking for something that is totally different there is the O.B. O.B. is a multi-layered formula designed to provide a different experience to everyone who uses it. The various ingredients are designed to work with each other in a concert of playful balance and contrast to give every user a unique taste experience. The best part is that with all of the flavors you have the assurance of high quality and a choice of multiple strength of nicotine content.

It does not matter if you choose suicide bunny mother milk, Sucker Punch, or the O.B. you will be assured that you are betting the best e-juice on the market. That is because The Bunny insists on only using the best available American soured ingredients and formulating them to precise specifications. Every batch is passed with rigorous quality control checks and the liquids are packed and sealed to ensure freshness and purity. Every bottle is 100% glass and has a re-sealable screw on cap so you know that you will have the same quality experience with every refill of your cartridge from the first to the last.

Bunny products are available in 30ml and 120ml sizes and all flavors come in a choice of five nicotine content versions ranging from the maximum of 18mg to a true 0mg. Offering that is perfect for those who are wanting to eliminate nicotine from their lives but want to continue to enjoy their e-cig device and the expanse of flavors and experiences that can be had, and all can be found  at: